Monday, January 3, 2011

Re-Cap: Welcome to South Africa

Dear world, welcome to South Africa!  Just a little South African pride captured below.  It was utterly magnificent to see how our country pulled together and put out their best in every way to host the Fifa Soccer world Cup in 2010.  How could we not be proud?  I'm one of the optimistic South Africans, I know our country has problems but how will we ever change if we all keep bad mouthing our own land?  I thought the unity seen during June-July was absolutely beautiful.  A step forward.


Our country was truly a sight to see especially during that time.  Our beaches were exquisite, our city centres were safe and spotlessly clean, and patriotism was at every turn.  People of every nationality and culture mingled and shared the joys or bitterness of the fate of their teams.

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