Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Vacationing

Yet another whirlwind holiday around South Africa, if it wasn't the Midlands on the boarder of the Drakensburg mountains it was Clarens and Golden Gate on the boarder of Lesotho or Sterfontein Dam.  All beautiful parts of the country as I hope the following photo's will show.

 Getting a little too close for comfort.

 The van Reenen family grave in Golden Gate Reserve

 Is it a bird?

And ofcourse how can one not include a pic or too of the family.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Portrait of a Biker


From a very small age my brother has been riding motorbikes, starting with the smallest you could get (on which I at the age of 12 rode with my knees touching my ears) to the one you've seen here.  Whether on racing tracks or out in the bundus, my brother thrives on his bike - and I thrive watching him.  I am yet to learn to ride myself but give me time, I'm working on that.

Snapshots of 2010

Half way through 2010 I was given a new Sony camera, I am still learning to operate it and am a mere beginner at photography but I am enjoying the experience of documenting random moments that may mean nothing to someone but makes up the little joys of life to you.  These are such examples.

Re-Cap: Crashing Graduation

After our roadtrip to Cape Town, Leanne and I made the brash decision to crash the Rhodes University Graduation.  Our turn was only the year after, however we had a number friends graduating that year that we decided to nudge our way into the festivities anyway.  The Graduation Ball was for graduates and their partners only, so we had to try to sneak in without tickets.  To do so we had to wait till the seated dinner was over and then stealthily get in once the dancing had started by fooling the bouncers.  It worked.  Just need a little confidance.  What a night indeed - a taster of what's instore for this year.

Re-Cap: An Education

In July last year, during the last stretch of the world cup, I spent just over a week in Johannesburg (JHB) visiting a friend of mine I hadn't seen in quite a while.  I considered it an education of sorts since JHB is so different from my hometown, Durban.  Though I had been there numerous times in past, I considered this as a first since I had always been with family to see family and hence hadn't seen much of the city and it's culture.  That's where my friend stepped in.  She gave me a bit of a cultural experience of the city by visiting museums and national monuments, learning to make sushi and touring the local favourites. 

I had also just got a new camera and thought this would be the perfect time to experiment with it.