Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip to the Evil City

And what a week this was! They sure don't call it the evil city for nothing! A week with the cousins and a few Rhodes mates up in Joburg (getting utterly spoilt I must point out) enjoying the...uh... plentiful scenic views JHB has to offer. Yea right!

Natalie's Wedding

I have only been to maybe five weddings in my life time, three of which I barely remember, so excuse my lack of experience when I say that this was the most beautiful and emotional wedding I have ever been too! It was everyhting but traditional. It was exquisite! The type of wedding that every little girl dreams of but hardly ever sees as a reality..
It was at Christmas Beach, the tent set up infront of a mossy cliff face with its own minature waterfall, and facing onto a postcard style ocean with the sun setting in the background: The perfect beginning to the new adventure ahead of Nats and Ryan.

Pics courtesy of Blake :)