Sunday, August 30, 2009

Greek Ball - Atlantis, the Lost City

We met up with some of the Greek Society members from PE (that came through and performed alot of the dancing) at the afterparty. They lived up to the stereotype Greek party animals.

Mike wanted us to break our plates on his head instead of the dancefloor, so a couple of us did. And he thoroughly enjoyed it weirdly enough.

The infamous Greek Ball. Yes we got a 3 course Greek meal, we got to break plates and were treated to a variety of Greek dances (not that I understood most of them). One of the best nights this year by far :) And again, it way surpassed my matric dance.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Every Nation Kirche Berlin

My time in Berlin was amazing, I can say with out a doubt that I left there changed. My heart still longs to go back there someday, preferably soon of course. The first week was spent missioning around the city of Berlin though mainly targetting the region of Friedrichshain which is where most of the younger generation live. The second half of my stay was spent touring the city and sending as much time with the Berlin team as possible, the mighty people that they are how could I not. Berlin is such a diverse city with so much to offer the world. To me it was an abnormal cross between Cape Town and London, however maybe a little more laid back than London and more culturally and artistically rich than Cape Town. I fell in love. Very excitingly we had a whole 17 salvations while on the mission which is a huge break through for the team. And this was just the beginning for them. I honestly cannot wait to see what God is going to be doing, or should I say exploding, in that country. Well in the entire of Europe actually.

Obviously I just have way too many photo's of my time in Berlin to post up here, so I have decided to put up some of the photo's we made the slideshow with.