Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hall Ball 2008

We had our Hall Ball this Saterday, the theme being: A Murder in Allan Webb Hall
Was a nice excuse to dress up and have some fun..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Taking a Walk in Bushman's

For the second long weekend, Lea was generous enough to offer us her family's holiday home in Bushmans - the other side of the river in Kenton-on-sea. Another beautiful location. Unfortunately I don't have alot of photo's because on the first night my memory card packed up.

Lea and I were out numbered by the guys 10 to 2! No complaints because they looked after us really well. They made almost all the meals too. At one stage we had them bringing us tea and coffee in bed! It felt almost like we were still in Grahamstown as there were so many Rhodants around. To add to the similarities was the fact that we walked everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Ok I guess that was also because we didn't have a car.. We had so many people in the house that people were sleeping on the floor! Even though we felt harsh, Lea and I kept the entire main room for ourselves, they couldn't even sleep on the carpet in our room.. Ah the joys of beings the only girls in the house!

A Weekend in Kleinemonde

Two long weekends in a row! Come on, us students are going to take advantage of that! Patrick hooked us up for the first long weekend at Kleinemonde - a small blip on the map about 5kms out of Port Alfred. A very secluded place right on the beach. It was almost rural, I mean the water went off if the lights went off! But students make do and we had an absaloute ball!
Malcolm brought a sandboard with - blessed soul - and we all set off to learn how to board. It felt so good to be back up on a board! I guess when the closest decent snow is Lesotho you kinda settle for sand. It was mainly Morgan and I on the boards as the others preferred relaxing at the cottage. We also took to exploring the three sisters - massive rock formations a couple of km's away from the cottage. Besides getting a couple of cuts and bruises it was tremendous!
The beautiful thing about the Eastern Cape is the stunning coastline. Where Durban's coastline is fairly straight, the EC's is full of coves and you never know what is around the bend. And don't get me started on the dunes! Oh my word they are magnificent! It gives one a self-reflective mood at the top of them. I think dunes are one of my favourite places to be to think.
What else happened that weekend? Hmm.. well us girls got chased by ducks. Yes ducks. But oh they loved Morgan to bits! I swear they were chasing us! Wings flapping and all!