Sunday, April 19, 2009

Roadtripping Through Bloemfontein!!

After the Campus Harvest conference, Jordan, Aimee and myself stayed behind in Bloem to be able to go to another conference later on. However, for the 2 days inbetween the conferences we hand nowhere to stay. Literally, we were waiting on the Lord to provide somewhere cause we had no cash to book oourselves in anywhere and the pool at the varsity got windy at night. Jords was offering to sleep under the car so us girls could put the seats down. After spending some time at the pool we went to kill some time at the mall until something came up. Jords ended up eating dynamite flavoured chicken that nearly killed him much to the delight of the restaurant staff cause he had taken the food back saying it wasn't hot enough!

Anyway, God provided bigtime and we ended up staying with the parents of an old school friend of a friend. - Pat and Gordon. Such a wonderful couple and so extremely generous! Much of those 2 days were spent resting and getting lost time and time again around central Bloem - much fun! We had dinner in a park and a picnic on the lawns of the Art Museum. We also got locked in the art museum when we decided to take a look at the art 5 minutes before closing time. We even got Jords to share a face mask with Aims and I, a very humorous experience and very concerning for Pat to witness.
Once the second conference started Jayde joined us. Jordan's family also came up and booked themselves into a farm about 15min away from the conference site. Us girls camped but we used the farm as a base, must have been because it was so very beautiful but maybe also because they had a stove and a fridge and we had no way of cooking food for ourselves on the campsite. It was a wonderful conference and a fantastic drive home. We ended up getting lost on the way back but we barely even felt it since we were enjoying ourselves too much. A couple of old ruins on the side of the road caught our attention, and Jords insisted on jumping over the fence to go take a look. Us girls got such a fright when we saw movement in the bushes, thinking it was dogs running at us. Fortunately they were sheep. Behind the ruins was a random yet stunning forest that must have gone on for quite a few kms. We couldn't resist taking a further look. Jord's even made his own vidoe while running through the trees.
It was the perfect way to end a glorious roadtrip, and it may have even inspired a few of our friends to do one of their own. I'm sure this wasn't the last!
Note - Day 1 starts at the bottom and works its way up

Campus Harvest 2009

The yearly gathering of Every Nation Churches in South Africa.