Monday, January 3, 2011

Re-Cap: MSC Sinfonia


Over Christmas of 2009 my brother and I went on a cruise around mozambique on the MSC Sinfonia.  It was the second cruise we'd been on however this one was by far the greatest as the ship was bigger, the trip longer and us older.

I happened to bump into a friend from Varsity while on deck on the first day, which ended up turning our holiday from merely a cruise to a party cruise.  Going on a cruise is like stepping out of reality for a period of time; all that exists is yourself, the ship and those you're sharing the experience with, and ofcourse surroundings that simply astound whether at sea or on land.

An experience I will never forget.


PS:  If you ever go on one yourself, make sure to meet the captain (a charming experience) and befriend the people serving you - you never know when such contacts may come in handy.

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