Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meandering through the hills of Grahamstown

The Botany students have to comprise their own herbarium in second year, so Janks and a couple of us friends went up to explore the hills along Mountain Drive to see what we could find for him. Along the way we decided to stop by the abandoned house and see for ourselves the place that has caused so many rumours. I woke up with such sore shoulders the next day because of our exploration. The stairs had been ripped out of the house, though this didn't stop the boys from wanting to get to the top (i.e forth) floor of the house, so we found ledges and holes to climb up and through. I'll be honest and admit that my upper body strength has all but gone now and so I struggled to make it up to the top and required some help. But since my arms were caving in half the time I was dangling in mid air while the poor boys decided what to do with me. Made for a very entertaining afternoon. Unfortunately we still haven't found out what happened to the old tenants of the house, the stories we have heard just fit the ghost house model too well to be believable.

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