Saturday, August 22, 2009

The King of Garlic Saga

Out came the boys stories about them conquoring raw garlic, and naturally out came the dares for firstly the girls to eat cloves of raw garlic (which I'm proud to say we all did) and then for the guys to eat a whole bundel. Needless to say we all (though emphasis on the boys) STANK! Theboys went to BP after the braai and the poor cashiers had no idea what hit them, they could smell them 3 cashiers down. Danie even woke himself up at 4 in the morning from the stench and had to have another shower and episode of mouthwash before he could fall asleep again. The next morning at church was a joke. Garlic was oozing out of our pores, and it would be the day where our venue for church was changed and we all had to huddle in this tiny room full of sweaty people. Ya, not hard to imagine :)

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