Friday, May 29, 2009

Chemistry Afterparty

For the past term, our 2nd year chemistry class has been working on an entrepreneurial project. We were given a product (for us it was a swimming pool testing kit) and we had to figure out how to make the product and make a business plan. Take into mind that we are chemsitry students, we know almost nothing about accounting and marketing. Well we had to learn, and fast. And we did after alot of time and effort. So, yesterday was the big day - the presentation. After all our hard work, it came down to this day.. The afternoon was open to the enitre chemsirty department, and they had invited Grade 11 students from 3 local schools to come watch. The winners were awarded R1800 from Sasol. I'm proud to say that my group outdid themselves in coming 3rd! Well done Crystal Clear! Post the presentations was the cocktail party and prisegiving. You have probally never seen a more exstatic group of students before - finally we were done! This made the evening all the more celebratory.

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