Saturday, October 18, 2008

Double Dose of the Spirit

18 October 2008 - the day to remember. The day not one but two of God's beautiful daughters were baptised in His name. The day that Carmen and myself publically declared that we are part of God's kingdom. Hectic stuff! It was a gorgeous day as I'm sure you can see and it was a magnificent setting. Where better for us two to get baptised than surrounded by God's glorious creation?

So at 9am we set out on our mini roadtrip down to Treasure Beach in Kenton, stopping on the way to get snacks and our backpackers version of communion (bottle of grape juice and a bread roll haha). As we arrived we were greeted by an adorable and highly energetic jack russel puppy. However, soon after arriving we realised that Louise and Jayde were missing. Numerous attempted phone calls and scouting later we figured out they had missed the cove we were in and walked on for an extra half hour! After that little detour we were all hot enough to be ready to brave the icy waters and do our thing. I was baptised by my discipler, the lovely Louise, and Carmen by her lovely discipler, Bennita - really special for us.

Praise be to God Almighty! How we love Him so.

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