Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Falling in Love with the Eastern Cape

Just this past weekend I had my first field trip. The Botany 102 class and myself went down to Boknes (a small coastal town just past Cannon Rocks, a little further down from Kenton if you don't know where that is) to study dune ecology. The work was tough but oh was it worth it..

I hadn't seen a night sky like the Boknes night sky in quite a while. God was deliberately showing us His glory it seems. It was stunning!! And I can't impress upon you enough how beautiful the day time scenery was. I'm falling in love with the Eastern Cape more and more! The beaches never cease to amaze me here. In Durbs you can see the beach stretch into the horizon where as along the Eastern Cape you never know what is around the bend. The dunes are a magnificent sight. And every so often you come across a river entering the sea - a much prettier sight than those in Durbs.

God is drawing me closer to His creation every day - something I will admitt excites me immensely! His wonders and splendour are beyond comprehension. I love Him for it!

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